Victim: Michael Bologna

Sancuary city San Francisco protected the previously convicted illegal alien gang member charged in the murder of Michael, his brother and father

Perpetrator: Edwin Ramos

Crime Description:

“I want the people to see…my family wasn’t safe, what makes you think yours will be?”  Through profound sorrow and with remarkable courage, Danielle Bologna spoke about the shooting deaths of her husband, Anthony, and her two sons, Michael and Matthew in San Francisco, California, on June 22, 2008. (1) They were allegedly assassinated by Edwin Ramos, illegal alien and violent MS-13 gang member.  

Anthony Bologna, 48 years old, and his sons Michael, 20, and Matthew, 16, were driving home from a family barbecue. Forced to stop, they temporarily blocked another car from completing a left turn. Mr. Bologna backed up to allow the turn amidst the angry stares of the driver.  Allegedly Ramos opened fire, killing Anthony and Michael. Matthew died on Tuesday at the hospital. Danielle had him removed from life support, “It was the most difficult part of my entire life to look at my baby and know he was gone …” (2) Danielle is unable to face returning to the cold, empty silence of home.

Described by his brother-in-law, Frank Kennedy, Anthony was “a wonderful individual and great father”. (2) Anthony worked nights as grocery store supervisor and coached youth basketball and baseball at St. Philip the Apostle Catholic School. 

Michael, an outstanding athlete, loved to play basketball and was attending City College of San Francisco. Matthew was going to be a high school junior. He was described as having “a heart filled with kindness for his family and all those he touched”. (3)   

As a juvenile, El Salvadoran native Ramos was convicted of gang-related assault and the attempted robbery of a pregnant woman. Protected by San Francisco’s sanctuary city policy, he was never reported to federal immigration authorities. Arrested on a gun charge in March, federal officials inexplicably did not place an immigration hold on Ramos after learning he was an illegal alien. (2)  

Ramos pleaded 'not guilty' to three charges of murder with the special circumstances of multiple victims and murder as part of a street gang, each carrying life in prison without parole or the death penalty. 


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