Victim: Jordin Paulder

Nine year old boy murdered with an ax by an illegal alien shot at the scene

Perpetrator: Santos Cabrero Borjas

Crime Description:

 Jordin Paulder was a little boy with chubby cheeks and a sweet smile. Jordin, nine years old, was bludgeoned to death with an ax on June 5, 2007, by Santos Cabrera Borjas, an illegal alien.

Jordin was playing with his seven year old brother and a five year old friend outside of his father's apartment building in Sandy Springs, Georgia. Jordin's mom, Angel, said her little boy loved cars. This day a red car with a 'wobbly' wheel drove by the children. Jordin told the driver he had a bad tire.


A passenger in the vehicle became enraged. Witnesses said Jordin did not mean to insult anyone and apologized. (1) The car stopped and a man got out and slammed Jordin with an ax twice in the forehead and nose. The ax was embedded in Jordin's face as he bled profusely as his dad cried for help. The car fled, leaving the murderer behind. During the flight to Scottish Rite Hospital in Atlanta the paramedics were afraid to dislodge the ax. Jordin died.


Police attempted to question Honduran native Borjas. He fled to the apartment complex across the street. Borjas threw a rimmed tire from a second or third floor stairway, breaking Officer Alexis Powell's arm. Borjas charged Officer Powell with a stick. The officer shot him three times, fatally wounding him. (2)


Jordin's playmates identified Borjas from a phot line-up. The police found the red car and questioned two juvenile occupants. No report of the interview was made public.


The police were "99%" sure Borjas was the ax murderer. (3) An attorney hired by his family is talking of 'police brutality' and 'wrongful death'. (3) Bojas had been released from the Fulton County jail the Friday before after having served time for criminal trespass.


On June 23rd, Angel Paulder said she was going into hiding because she believed her family was in danger. (4)









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