Victim: Josh Morrow

Little boy run over by an illegal alien who fled the scene of the accident

Perpetrator: Armando Lopez-Canada

Crime Description:

Four year old Joshua Morrow and Morrow family friend Ronald Bishop were struck by an SUV when crossing the Courtney Campbell Parkway near Tampa, Florida at 7:00 p.m. on December 28, 2006. Ronald’s truck had broken down and he was taking the little boy to get a drink. Going 40-45 mph, Armando Lopez-Canada, an illegal alien, hit Josh and Ronald and left them lying on the pavement as he sped away. Witnesses said Lopez-Canada slowed down and then took off down the parkway. A doctor and other drivers at the scene desperately tried to resuscitate the two victims of the hit and run. (1) 

“I just can’t believe how cold and callous a person would be to know that they hit two human beings and just keep going regardless of his immigration status and just being a human being”, said Josh’s grandmother, Brenda Andujar in an interview. (2)  

Joshua was a happy, smiling little boy. His uncle, Brandon Morrow, said of Josh, “If you were in a bad mood, that smile would just change you. One of his favorite sayings when people were sad was, ‘You’re breaking my heart.’” Andujar was raising him. She talked about Josh’s Christmas. He had gotten a puppy he named Tai. (2)  

Ronald Bishop, 42, picked Josh up after school that day as a favor to Josh’s grandmother. Ronald had asked his family to scatter his ashes in the Gulf of Mexico four days before the accident and they carried out his wishes.   

Fear of deportation made Lopez-Canada flee the scene, he admitted to police. (3)  Lopez-Canada pleaded guilty to two counts of leaving the scene of an accident involving death. Judge Mark Wolfe gave him the maximum sentence, 30 years. 


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