Victim: Jane Doe

Two illegal aliens charged with kidnap, rape, torture, and attempted murder.

Perpetrator: Cirilio Martinez

Crime Description:

VISTA, Calif. -- Two undocumented construction workers accused of sexually assaulting and stabbing a woman in a remote area of Bonsall pleaded not guilty Wednesday to charges of forcible rape, attempted murder and torture.

Judge Adrienne Orfield set bail at $250,000 for, and Cirilio Martinez, 20, and Edgar Gomez, 23. Prosecutor Christine Israel alleged the defendants conspired to meet the victim in Bonsall on Sept. 17, and when they got together, took her to another location.

"Mr. Gomez grabbed the woman by the neck and dragged her to a more remote area," Israel alleged. "Mr. Gomez and Mr. Martinez raped the woman in concert."

Martinez then stabbed the woman five times before they took some of her clothing and fled, the prosecutor alleged.

The woman managed to flag down a passing motorist.

The defendants, who were roommates, were arrested Sunday.

Both men face two counts of forcible rape and one count of attempted murder. The charges include allegations that both men committed kidnapping and mayhem.

Martinez is also charged with torture and allegations that he used a knife and caused great bodily injury.

Immigration authorities have placed a hold on each defendant in case they make bail.

The judge scheduled a readiness conference for Oct. 9.


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Men Accused In Stabbing, Sex Assault Plead Not Guilty


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Duo plead not guilty to rape, attempted murder