Victim: Kimberly McDaniel

Illegal Alien Charged with Running Over Jogger and Leaving Her for Dead

Perpetrator: Rocendo Roslaes-Corona

Crime Description:

On July 14, 2006 Kimberly McDaniel, 23, of Oregon City, previously known by her married name of Powell, was jogging on Northeast Frontage Road north of Interstate 84 in Dodson, Oregon when she was struck by an oncoming westbound vehicle and left for dead sometime after 10:15 a.m.

The driver did not stop to help the injured woman but instead drove away, leaving behind the car's side view mirror, leaving the severely injured woman facedown on a barely visible part of the road.

Just past 11 a.m. a Sandy couple spotted the victim’s bright orange jogging shirt in the blackberry bushes, stopped to try to help her and called 9-1-1. About 30 hours later, McDaniel died at a Portland hospital

It took a year of investigation before police arrested Rocendo Rosales-Corona, one year to the day after the hit and run. After hundreds of leads, Multnomah County Sheriff’s Detective Jay Pentheny and Gresham Detective Jason Servo finally got a key break in October 2006.

A person in the southwestern United States helped them identify Rosales-Corona as their suspect. Working off the tip, they identified Rosales-Corona as a suspect and matched a mirror found at the scene to a 1987 Sentra in Wenatchee, Washington. Forensics tests confirmed it was the vehicle that struck McDaniel.

Detectives learned that Rosales-Corona had fled the country for Mexico but had subsequently returned and was living in Lodi, California, just south of Sacramento. Two Multnomah County Sheriff’s detectives went there on Friday. The suspect was eventually tracked down and arrested. Multnomah County sheriff’s officials said Rosales-Corona was cooperative during his extradition to Oregon and the arraignment process.

Rosales-Corona was charged with one count of criminally negligent homicide (Class A Felony) and one count of failure to perform duties of a driver to injured persons (Class B Felony). Deputies said he is a resident of Mexico who was working at a farm in Oregon at the time of the wreck.

"You know I'm thinking, if he wasn't here illegally, he never would have been there, and it never would have happened," Janet Tremain, Kimberly’s mother, said. "But you know, there's nothing that I can do to change that."


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