Victim: Ivan Santos

Illegal Alien with 5 Deportations and 4 Prior Felonies Arrested for Murder

Perpetrator: Demetro Acosta-Uribe

Crime Description:

Demetro Acosta-Uribe, a Mexican national, has been deported five fives, May 7, 2004, November 21, 2003, September 18, 1997, July 9, 1993, and April 29, 1998.Ć He also has four felony convictions.Ć He is now accused of murdering Ivan Santos.

Santos was found shot to death in the front yard of a west Phoenix home escribed by police as a stash house on May 26, 2007.Ć He was bound with duct tape and his head was covered in plastic.Ć Two other men were found at the same house, also bound with duct tape and with plastic on their heads but were rescued in time by a neighbor.Ć Santos was apparently shot after trying to escape.Ć

Andrew Thomas, Maricopa County Attorney stated he will ask for the death penalty if Acosta-Uribe is convicted.Ć He also stated, "The murder case is a texbook example of how wide open borders expose the Valley to violent crime."


This crime was reported on CNN Lou Dobbs Tonight by Casey Wian under Criminal Aliens Find Americans Easy Prey, Especially with Revolving Door

It was also reported by Lindsey Collom in the Arizona Republic on September 14, 2007 under "Migrant Facing eath Penalty; County Attorney calls Killing "cruel, heinous."

Newstalk 550 KFYI reported it as

Ć Illegal Immigrant Faces Death Penalty for Phoenix Murder

Ć Suspect has been deported five times since 1988



KTAR reported it as:Ć

llegal Immigrant Faces Death Penalty

September 13th, 2007 @ 3:27pm

by Jana Baybado


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Migrant Facing Death Penalty, by Lindsey Collum