Victim: Jane Doe

Illegal Alien Sexually Assaults Westborough, MA Woman, 58

Perpetrator: Marcelo G. Mota

Crime Description:

A routine traffic stop in a New Jersey town helped lead authorities to an illegal immigrant from Brazil who was charged yesterday with sexually assaulting five women.

Marcelo G. Mota is being held in a New Jersey jail on various charges in two states.

Aug. 6, 2003 Mota broke into a 24-year-old woman’s Westborough, MA home, woke her up, and raped her at gunpoint

Aug. 13, 2003 he attacked a 58-year-old woman in Westborough, MA and raped her at gun and knifepoint.

On Aug. 14, 2003 Mota attacked a 41-year-old Hopkinton, MA woman in her second-floor bedroom at knifepoint. The woman, whose child was sleeping on the first floor, drove Mota away.

Sept. 24, 2005, a 35-year-old Moorestown, NJ woman was sexually assaulted in her home while her teenage son and his friends slept in the basement.

Sept 26, 2005, he attempted to rape a Moorestown, NJ woman but fled when she screamed.

He confessed to the crimes in both states after his arrest, authorities said.

In August 2003, Mota was living in Framingham, MA and working for a company that cleaned commercial buildings, Middlesex District Attorney Gerard T. Leone Jr. said at a press conference at the Hopkinton police station. He said none of the victims knew Mota and he did not have access to the homes of the victims through work.

The key break in the investigation came as New Jersey detectives were trying to identify the man who raped a woman in Moorestown, N.J., on Sept. 24, 2005. Police drew up a list of all drivers with Massachusetts plates stopped in Burlington County between 1999 and 2007, hoping to find a link between the driver and the two states, said Jack Smith, spokesman for Burlington County prosecutor Robert D. Bernardi.

They discovered that Mota was stopped on Feb. 17, 2005 in Delanco, where he was driving a car with Massachusetts plates but did not have a driver's license. That discovery made Mota a potential suspect, but there was no evidence linking him to the rape. In January 2006, police in both states realized they were looking for the same man when a DNA profile on a national DNA database matched.

A fingerprint from the Aug. 14, 2003, Hopkinton home invasion linked Mota to the crime, authorities from the Hopkinton Police Department said. DNA evidence recovered in the two 2003 Westboro rapes has also forensically matched sexual assault crimes in Moorestown, N.J., authorities said.

In New Jersey, Mota is being charged with two counts of burglary, one count of aggravated sexual assault and being a fugitive from Massachusetts. Massachusetts is charging him with two counts of aggravated rape, burglary and assault in the Westboro cases and one count of home invasion while armed, armed burglary and assault and battery with a dangerous weapon in the Hopkinton case, authorities said. He is being held on $1 million bail in New Jersey

Marcelo G. Mota is a native of Brazil and stayed in the country illegally after his visitor’s visa expired in 2001, making him an illegal immigrant. Adam Puharic, a spokesman for Immigration and Customs Enforcement, said the federal agency has placed a detainer on Mr. Mota. A detainer ensures that a subject who is released from custody on other charges will not skip out of the country or go into hiding to avoid proceedings before an immigration judge, Mr. Puharic said.


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