Victim: Natasha Ramen

Illegal alien rapes and brutally killes woman, 20

Perpetrator: Hemant Megnath

Crime Description:

Natasha Ramen, 20, was killed by most likely illegal alien Guyanes migrant Hemant K. Megnath who he had previously raped in 2005 as she was helping him hunt for an apartment in Queens. 

Authorities are speculating that he killed her just outside the door of her home.so that she would not testify against him in the upcoming rape trial.  The victim, died after suffering a "very deep wound, almost from ear to ear," said police Lt. Salvatore Salerno, who led the homicide investigation.  "It was very brutal."  Megnath had been taken into custody and charged with aggravated harrassement in October 2005 after allegedly threatening Ramen's in-laws, demanding to know where she was, police sources said. 


This incident was reported by NY1 News in Suspect Charged In Fatal Queens Slashing as well as WNBC 4 in  Police: Man Killed Woman He Raped Before She Could Testify.