Victim: Jane Doe

Illegal Alien Arested for Sexual Assault on Girl, 13, in Store

Perpetrator: Javier Ramos

Crime Description:

On Thursday August 30 at about 5:20 pm a 13 year old girl was shopping at Fry's at 74th Avenue and Cactus with her father. As she was coming out of the ladies' room in the store Javier Ramos has admitted to police he forced his way in to the ladies' room, grabbed the girl and forced her to the floor.

Several people heard her screams and when they opened the door the suspect ran out being followed by several of the witnesses. One of the witnesses caught up to Ramos as he tried to enter his car, a scuffle ensued, and Ramos escaped after assaulting the man by kicking him in the stomach. Ramos continued on foot and remained within the perimeter we had set up. He attempted to evade officers by approaching homes in the area asking for work, but a citizen who recognized him from the incident grabbed Ramos and held him until police officers arrived.

Ramos was booked for kidnapping, attempted sexual misconduct with a minor, aggravated assault on a minor, and for an outstanding warrant on the driving on suspended.

Javier Ramos has admitted his involvment in the incident and that he is an illegal alien.


AUG07, KFYI 550, Phoenix
A man in the country illegally is arrested for attempted sexual assault