Victim: Mary Sadler

Woman sexually assaulted and beaten to death by illegal alien

Perpetrator: Ivan Moreno

Crime Description:

Mary Sadler , 74,  was sexually assaulted  and beaten to death by illegal alien Ivan Moreno in the Bellevue neighborhood in Nashville, TN where she lived.  According to police, Moreno had blood visible on his hands and his feet, and he began swearing at the officers.  The officers’ questioning of Moreno ended with the defendant assaulting one of the officers.  Officers said they believed Moreno was at Sadler’s home to ask the woman about money.  Sadler relatives who spoke to the media following Tuesday’s hearing said Sadler was kind to Moreno and his family — including his children.  An autopsy revealed that multiple traumatic injuries and strangulation caused her death.  "The skull was severely caved in on the left side." .  Mary Sadler was a long-time volunteer for many civic institutions, including 26 years helping veterans through the Tennessee Department of Veterans Affairs, as well as being a poll worker at elections and volunteering through St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. She was also the captain of the local Neighborhood Watch.


This incident was reported by WSMV4 Nashville in Suspect Arrested In Death Of Bellevue Senior, in the Tennessean in Neighbor charged in death of Bellevue woman in home on 08/23/06  (link dead) and by the Nashville Police Dept.