Victim: Jasmane Gonzales

Illegal alien relative, kidnaps from the home, rapes and stabs to death his 10 YOA cousin

Perpetrator: Jose Conception Sifuentes

Crime Description:

4TH Grader Killed by illegal alien, sexual assault, knife to the chest.

"Anytime a 10-year-old child is murdered, it's heinous. I don't know any way to describe it."

Girl, 10 Murdered by an illegal alien she was abducted & sexually assaulted

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Carrollton, Texas -- In my opinion, Jose Conception Sifuentes, 23, who is an illegal alien is charged with first-degree murder. “Prior to his arrest Tuesday, Sifuentes was detained on an U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement hold.” (ICE nabbed him so he couldn't run away.)

It’s believed that he abducted 10-year-old Jasmen Gonzalez while she was sleeping in a bedroom and sexually assaulted her. Then he discarded her body in some bushes at a home four blocks away. She was found lying face down with a stab wound to her chest. She was shirtless and her pants and panties were around her knees.Her death has been ruled a homicide. Details are evolving, pending lab tests.

Supposedly, Jose Sifuentes slipped into the bedroom where Jasmen was sleeping and there was a sliding glass door to the backyard. He scooped her up taking a flannel sheet with him. “Sifuentes stabbed Gonzalez in the chest, loaded her in his SUV before dumping her body in the bushes.”

It sounds like he raped and killed her in the bedroom, lab tests are still being done on the evidence and there is a lot of evidence, Jose was very stupid. It makes you wonder how he could afford to drive a $60,000.00 Lincoln Navigator and support a common law wife, and home. Drug dealing perhaps or hit man?

Jasmen Gonzalez lived in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma with her parents where she was in the Fourth grade. Her family had planned a weekend family gathering in Carrollton, Texas. She told her many friends at her school that she was very excited to go and would be back on Monday. When the family arrived in Texas they stayed with Jasmen’s Aunt and Uncle and it was in their master bedroom that she went missing.

She went to bed around 10:15 p.m. Saturday night Oct. 30th. She slept while the party went on into the night. Jose Conception Sifuentes was one of the adults at the party. Jasmen was taken from the bedroom sometime after 11:15 p.m. The family checked on her and she was gone and so was Jose who lived less than a mile away. “The arrest warrant said Jose was gone for about 30 minutes.”

Sifuentes' wife, Martha Sifuentes, told police she saw their Navigator leave the apartment complex. While the family was searching for the girl, Jose Sifuentes returned to the apartment complex in the Navigator, according to the affidavit.
“When he got back to the apartment complex, Jose told his wife that "it was a good thing he didn't park the Navigator in front of the apartment because the cops would think he was involved."”

The police searched Jose’s black Lincoln Navigator and his home on Monday. They found a knife that tested positive for human blood and yellow rubber gloves, half a gold-colored charm, strands of hair, red fiber and a white flannel sheet in the vehicle. Then while Jose was parked at the police station, 2 police dogs hit on his car for a decaying human tissue alert.

Detectives said Jose couldn’t get his story straight and they caught him in numerous lies, he even lied about his birth date and having tattoos. He also, couldn’t come up with a reason for leaving the party at the same time the girl went missing.

A massive man hunt was conducted all through the night looking for Jasmen. Her seminude body was found face down in bushes in a backyard of a home only a few blocks away at 3:30 p.m. on Sunday Oct. 31st.

Jose Conception Sifuentes was a person of interest before his arrest. He has been moved from the Carrollton jail to the Dallas Jail.


Police Make Arrest In Murder Of 10-Year-Old Girl
Jose Conception Sifuentes, 23, Charged With Murder
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Common-law husband of victim's cousin charged with murder

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Arrest in Carrollton Abduction Murder

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From the FOX news channel.  This child was raped and murdered by a visiting relative who is an illegal alien.