How to Report a Crime

FNCIC-VOIACM is a data base for serious crimes against persons committed by foreign nationals. The perpetrators include legal foreign guests, illegal aliens, and legal immigrants who should have had their legal immigration status revoked and been deported because of prior crimes.

All victims of crime by foreign nationals are included in FNCIC-VOIACM and FNCIC-VOIACM does not exclude victims who themselves may be an illegal alien. There are two reasons for this: first, all life is precious and crimes against humanity should not be ignored; second, all crime has a monetary cost and that cost is paid for by tax paying Americans. Most of the crimes listed in FNCIC-VOIACM impact the community to the tune of hundreds of thousands and, in many cases, even millions of dollars per perpetrator. Besides all medical costs for accidents, where the illegal alien perpetrator rarely has insurance, there are enormous cost burdens placed on the law enforcement and judicial system. Finally, each perpetrator that is incarcerated costs the taxpayers about $25,000 per year. And there are currently over 300,000 incarcerated illegal aliens in US jails and prisons. In case you are wondering, feeding and housing the foreign national perpetrators costs taxpayers $7.5 BILLION per year.

In reporting crimes committed by illegal aliens, FNCIC-VOIACM recognizes that a "serious" crime is in the eye of the beholder and that there are many, many victims of various crimes committed by illegal alien perpetrators that have suffered enormously. However, we simply can not do the job the Justice Department should be doing but isn't. Thus we have to limit what we collect and report to only the most egregious types of crime. In general, a FNCIC “serious crime” is defined as any sexual offense or felony committed against a person or a crime where the victim was seriously injured or killed, even if the perpetrator was not charged with a felony. "Seriously injured" is also relative but assumes a lengthy hospitalization and/or recovery time, a permanent disability, or disfigurement. If in doubt, contact FNCIC-VOIACM.

Anyone can report a crime and it can be done in confidence.

Before submitting an entry, go to the Victims page and see if the victim, or perpetrator for sexual crimes, is already listed. Note the sorting and searching features making it easy to find people in the data base. If the crime is already in FNCIC-VOIACM, check that the data is correct and complete. Submit any new and/or corrected information as necessary.

When submitting a new crime, please note and observe the FNCIC-VOIACM reporting format. While the data collection is not as extensive as the Justice Dept's National Incident-Based Reporting System (NIBRS), if they were actually collecting and reporting on crimes committed by foreign nationals, it is far more extensive than the simple victim and perpetrator lists found on other sites. In short, when YOU submit a report to FNCIC-VOIACM you are acting like an investigative reporter to document and report what the MSM and GOVT are not. FNCIC-VOIACM is the only data base in the United States that is recording and reporting on crimes committed by foreign nationals on American soil.

What this means is that it is up to YOU to make it happen. When reporting a crime to FNCIC-VOIACM, YOU create a story line for the crime that accurately states what actually happened and then succinctly report on the crime. This also means you might have to do some digging because you rarely find the whole story in one article or report but a piece here and a piece there, often separated by significant amounts of time.

Without meaning to slight main stream media reporters, except for when they don't report on illegal alien crimes, it really isn't that hard. Peruse a few of the reports on various victims in FNCIC-VOIACM and you will get the general idea. You will find that the hardest part is tracking down key facts that are sometimes hard to locate, such as the perpetrator's nationality or resident status, and locating optional pictures of the victim and perpetrator.

The Report a Crime form has various reporting sections. Many are check boxes and drop-down lists making it easy to fill out the form. Critical instructions are noted in each section.  Additional information and hints on filling out the form follow:

IMPORTANT: If critical data is not supplied, when you try to submit the form you will get an error message noting what is missing. If that happens, the partially completed form can not be saved so you want to make sure you have all the data on hand before starting. However, if you have filled out the form but the data is not available, some “critical data” fields have a bypass or an "unknown" filler allowing the report to be submitted anyway. In this case, after submittal, FNCIC-VOIACM will tag the report as a “preliminary” report allowing other people to see the report and, hopefully, provide the missing data.

Date of Crime: you MUST provide the year the crime was committed. Note the instructions in the section for submitting the report if the day and/or month are unknown.

Perpetrator Data - Nationality
The nationality of a perpetrator is is often hard to establish but this is required in order for the crime to be included in the FOREIGN NATIONAL Crime Information Center data base. While the perpetrator may look like a duck, walk like a duck, quack like a duck, and "everybody" knows is a duck, FNCIC requires reasonable proof that the perpetrator is a duck. Or at least STRONG indications, thus the "most likely" category. Regardless, the nationality or resident status of the perpetrator, including "most likely," must be documented in section  and referenced , even if you know your ducks.

Perpetrator Data - DUI/DWI: if law enforcement or witnesses state or the facts would so indicate that the perpetrator was DUI/DWI check the “DUI/DWI when accident occurred” box. If the perpetrator was convicted of DUI/DWI, check both DUI/DWI boxes. There are two categories because many drunk driving illegal aliens are killed in the crash and thus never charged or they also commit a hit-and-run and by the time they are apprehended their Blood Alcohol Content has declined below the DWI limits.

Crime Description - Title of the crime.
Do NOT simply post a politically correct, news report headline on a crime where a “man” did this or that. FNCIC-VOIACM is a registry for crimes committed by FOREIGN NATIONALS, including ILLEGAL ALIENS, and YOUR title for the crime should say so, even if you are using a news report in the crime description. The crime reports displayed in VOIACM will eventually be picked up by other people and groups, as FNCIC is the registry for documenting the crimes, so make sure your title is accurate and to the point. If not, FNCIC will edit it to be so.

Crime Description - Details of the Crime.
Do NOT simply post an open borders, see, hear, and say nothing about illegal alien crime main stream media news account of the crime. RARELY, you may find an account where a reporter accurately and succinctly reports the crime with all the salient information which can be posted "as-is." OCCASSIONALLY, you will find an accurate but long news report that you can edit to fit within the character limit. USUALLY you will have to write your own crime description with parts of the WHO, WHAT, WHEN, WHERE and WHY pulled from various sources.

It is VERY IMPORTANT to place the reference that the perpetrator was an illegal alien and site the source in this section. The reason for all this is that after a short period of time, often no more than 30 days, all the news reports and links go dead. If the information is not archived somewhere else or reported in VOIACM, it, for all practical purposes, disappears. Often, you will run into references of horrific crimes committed by an illegal alien and will have a very difficult time finding out about the crime. This is one of the primary reasons for the FNCIC data base.

HINT: it is usually easier to write a crime description in a word processing program and cut and paste it into the FNCIC-VOIACM form. Doing this also allows you to do a character count. When filling out the form you do not have to be concerned with font type and size as the data base takes care of that. Here it is worth noting that Mozilla does not allow cutting and pasting in the Report Crime form but Explorer does.

Finally, if you are putting a short but accurate news article in the description  verbatim or are including much or most of a longer article, please credit the reporter and source at the top, such as “Reported by Bill Smith of the Sun Journal:” followed by the article. While use of such copyrighted material falls under copyright "Fair Use" educational provisions, we still want to give credit where crediit is due.

Crime documented or reported by
This is a critical section. You must provide the name of the primary source, date of the source, author, when available, and the internet link for the source, even if the link has gone dead. The standard reporting format is listed in the section. Primary sources are bona fide MSM articles or news reports, a law enforcement press release, court documents, or other official government documents. Ideally, more than one source should be referenced, unless the single source contains all the pertinent and required information and is unassailable. Blogs and regurgitated information from the internet are not considered to be primary sources. They may, however, be used as an archival source reference for the primary source if the referenced primary source information can be confirmed. If this section is incomplete or if FNCIC-VOIACM can not confirm the salient facts of your submittal, the report will not be added to the data base.

When you are finished reporting the crime, hit the "SUBMIT" button on the bottom of the form.

Once submitted, the form may not be recalled or edited.

To make any changes or corrections on any record in the FNCIC-VOIACM data base, resubmit the form with, at minimum, the victim's name and date of the crime so we can identify what record needs to be changed, along with the appropriate box checked in the Reporting Category. Note or reference any new data or required corrections in the Details of the crime.

To easily submit multiple victims of the same crime, fill out the form for the first victim and, when finished, hit the "Submit and add another victim" button on the bottom. The original form will be submitted and the entered data from that submitted form will duplicate onto a new form with the previously submitted victim's data erased. When finished updating the form with the new victim and changing the Crime Data, as necessary, hit "SUBMIT" again or "Submit and add another victim" if there is a third victim.

 Close this help window when finished with these Reporting General Instructions.